Appear before menstruation be agitated, irritable, InsomniaWait for a series of symptoms, and the person that disappear again after menstruation, call classics early days syndrome, call classics early days againNervousCatatonia of early days of syndrome, classics. This kind of symptom sees more at woman of 35 years old of above, or companion hasInfecund disease, Menstruation is maladjustedPatient. Only symptom of a few patient is heavier, the influence works and live, accordingly after all this how can just alleviate syndrome of classics early days

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Food alleviates syndrome of classics early days

Major woman comes in menstruation left and right sides of a week before tide, can appear the mood of certain level is abnormal, say on medicine for “Classics early days is asked for integratedly” . The United States investigates discovery recently, if absorb a few quantity of heat more outside menstrual forehead, and these quantity of heat come from at potato kind, corn, whole wheat kind wait for the food that contains rich carbohydrate, Depressedthe symptom can be reduced apparently.

Qiandela points out American medicine expert, the female of 75% suffers from ” classics early days is asked for integratedly ” , the symptom includes clear state of mind depressed, Angst, nervous, affection is irritated flimsily, easily, Lack of power, DevouringlyAndThe bosom is painful, Have a headacheEtc. Appear the cause with these the most immediate problems, it is the corporeal chroma that there is a kind to call serum element inside body was reduced. Serum element is the cerebral ministry chemistry that a kind of responsible nerve conducts material, can transmit the various message inside cerebrum to nerve cell. Once it is inside body chroma is insufficient, the person can become angst or sadness.

Consider to discover, carbohydrate can rise to be mixed undisturbedly comfort nerval action, because it can raise the level of serum element,be. Generally speaking, the carbohydrate that absorbs 50 grams left and right sides can see the effect. Potato kind with corn, whole wheat kind food, use all sorts of rice, flour, staple food that millet makes for instance, and in the food such as yam, potato, contains carbohydrate is extremely rich, because this is become,fight depressed food typically.

In addition, the dextrose in carbohydrate still is the main energy source when cerebrum works, the woman that can allow period to still want to hold to the job reduces tired out feeling. The carbohydrate that period female absorbs everyday should take total energy 55% , 65% . Carbohydrate absorbs insufficient meeting to affect the absorption of other nutriment, reduce the immune capacity of the body.

Besides carbohydrate, Vitamin B6Also can help cerebrum synthesize serum element, reduceDepressed diseaseShape. Contain in foodVitamin B6More is banana, the alkaloid that it contains still can have hearten spirit and the effect that raise hope. Whole wheat kind the vitamin in the Gu Pi of food B6 content is very much also, accordingly, period can take some of provision that contains wheat bran more.

Period drinks water to be able to maintain defecate unobstructed more, reduce the pelvisHyperaemia. In the meantime, in period, because regular meeting feels lumbago, do not think food, might as well eat a few appetizing food more. Additional, drink congee of bit of pork liver red jujube, GingerCongee of benevolence congee, black agaric red jujube reachs juice Job’s tears syrup of ginger purplish red, can have the effect that enrich the blood. Milk of cherry, pumpkin, low fat, chicken, also be the food with female very good period.

Ni Yazhou of standard of American guest evening establishs college researcher to still discover, as a result of haemal prediction of a person’s luck in a given year, iron can appear inside female period body (iron food) the phenomenon with insufficient content, cause the problem that think and remembers a respect. Want to obtain enough iron, eating beef is a tweak.

Gem gal alleviates syndrome of classics early days

We had had alleviate very well the method of syndrome of classics early days—–The exercise of gem gal and A Yo bark the tie that Tuo treats. Try the worry that the following method will come to alleviate every months.


You are familiarDepressed, mammary acid bilges, anger erupts, bloated, be want wildly to eat chocolate or in a few special days every months other and special provision is? The grown woman that has 40% about is in every months experience these torment.

Gem gal exercise of the rule can prevent these symptoms with the following 3 kinds of means.

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