The woman wants to have S figure, compressed to oneself bosom always is dissatisfactory, in local model form, perfect figure is feminine topic all the time, how to have perfect figure? Earthnut + big jujube helps bosom of your increase sharply! Will quickly look.

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The first: Eat unripe pignut

Buy unripe pignut (must be born, had better be in those days fresh, fry pass or of salt do not eat, the meeting is fat, lie between 2 hours to eat 10 — 20, eat seriously, should chew very broken very broken in pharynx, OK and additional oil and vitamin B2. Ate to feel the stomach is uncomfortable, it is the reaction because of red to that garment, can pare red garment eat again, assure a stomach again won’t afflictive.

The 2nd: Drink red jujube tea

Prepare some of big jujube, american ginseng, safflower (a few a bit) everyday bubble water a cup, drink water only, cannot add candy. Can move gas blood, connect main and collateral channels, menstruation is smooth also, and can carry gas, often won’t feel tired namely, dozen do not have mind.

The 3rd: Menstruation drinks water of ginger red jujube

Menses drinks water of ginger red jujube (boiled more with boiler put freezer, heated up in the morning everyday drink a cup) base of hot ginger bleb is used before sleeping in the evening, menses makes sure your blood eliminates smooth. I now can be complexion ruddy, connecting fingernail is of powdery pink.


Speed reducing weight can cause body nutrition too quickly to be short of break, bring about hair; and the female causes complexion with respect to easy anaemia cadaverous, the method that above recommends enrichs the blood just about the good method of filling gas. Unripe earthnut, red jujube, American ginseng, safflower, ginger has very great help to female health, this just is not used in reduce weight only, feel put oneself in another’s position of him deficiency of vital energy is weak, menstruation is not moved, the MM with cadaverous complexion can try, safflower hot sex is bigger nevertheless, the MM with hot constitution should be put less some.

(responsibility edits: Field trip of Xu dawn world edits: Jiang Wenyuan)

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