Human body is an airframe that tremendous ego adjusts potential, not all disease must or can rely on medicaments comeCure, especially symptom of the turn of life is the syndrome condition that maladjusted place creates provisionality of a kind of airframe, not be certain viscera attaint implement qualitativeVenerealChange, can feed through drinking so adjust, of compensatory inadequacyNutritionElement (if contain calcic food) , avoid overmuch nutriment (be like adipose, especially tallow fat) , and apply certain food to improve function to the functionary of human body (if eat cellulose food to improve moreConstipation, milk is drunk to fill already before sleeping calcium promotes Morpheus again) , undertake ego is adjusted perservingly.

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Alleged ” feed fill asHeartFill ” , divide a consideration namely nutrition of logical choice foodOutside, more important is to undertakePsychologyThe guidance that go up (the heart fills) , the turn of lifeFuFemale a lot ofNerveMental symptom and mentation, relying on medicaments is mostly hard of be successful, and sometimes one banquet talk,Psychology seeks advice, a hotline, through having the mentality of experienceDoctorWith the personnel of basic level sanitation that has this respect special skill or knowledge, Family planningWorker, offer guidance from mentally, those who make woman control necessaryHealth careKnowledge, can help them solve psychology to contradict, PathologyConflict, eliminate meaninglessScaredWith worry, overcome mood obstacle, build hopeful with active state of mind.


(responsibility edits: Field trip of Xu dawn world edits: Chen Qiong)

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