Reduce weight should pay attention to control dinner food

2017-04-07 13:36:13

Fat can reduce Yan Zhi not only, still can cause a lot of healthy problems, so a lot of girls maintain a figure to regard as lifelong article of creed or faith. But, how can you just carry a figure effectively after all? Someone says to be on a diet, say scientificly, be on a diet is not the good method that reduce weight, reduce weight should pay attention to control food, especially dinner.

Law reducing weight one, control dinner quantity of heat

A day of absorbs 1200 calories quantity of heat when thin body, allocate specific gravity to be breakfast 400 card, lunch 400 card, dinner 200 calories, the fruit is 200 calories. Be sure to keep in mind to eat tall fiber and edible of low quantity of heat to taste more, ability is OK most thing has in least calorie.

Law reducing weight 2, control dinner time

The person that reduce weight must eat dinner before 7 o’clock or face before sleeping 3 hours not to take food, make the body has enough time to use up absorb quantity of heat, just do not pile up to change inside body easily flesh of go to live in the household of one’s in-laws on getting married.

Law reducing weight 3, control sauce makings is absorbed

Food touchs sauce is a kind have a way Western-styly, it can be in maintain food original gust while, still add flavor can follow one’s inclinationsly. But to reducing weight person for, must avoid by all means touchs sauce, because the sauce of one teaspoon has 166 calories of quantity of heat, it is the Ke Xing of thin body.

Law reducing weight 4, oneself cook choose low fat to feed capable person

Cook vegetable is used up cannot little, the flesh kind the abyssopelagic fishes with low content of pork of optional go to live in the household of one’s in-laws on getting married or chicken, use as far as possible steam or the cook kind that water cooks.

Law reducing weight 5, anteprandial draft fruit controls prandial amount

The fruit can absorb 200 calories one day only, do not eat tall caloric fruit as far as possible, if dinner eats really insufficient, can come an insipid fruit eat, eat fully not only so, quantity of heat is not high also.

Law reducing weight 6, move appropriately after dinner

A lot of people are easy get fat besides overfeeding, another reason lacks motion namely, especially dinner. Dinner is about to enter Morpheus afterwards, gastric peristalsis can become poor, if do some of exercise appropriately before sleep, accelerate gastric peristalsis, food won’t pile up. But motion also cannot too acuteness, lest affect Morpheus quality.

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