Can you wash a face really? Wash a face correctly to have 6 situations

2016-11-22 13:18:14

A lot of people are right the not care a nut that wash a face, not be to use clear bath directly, grandma is washed a few seconds to come to an end on besmear namely. Day, do you feel the face is washed clean really? Any measure that protect skin are it is premise with clean face, if the face was not washed good, that still talks why to protect skin. Actually, wash a face correctly to divide 6 paces.

Step1. With Wen Shui

No matter be summer or winter, wash a face with Wen Shui as far as possible. Because the vapor in hot water can bring about pore to stretch,greaten, also can make cutaneous natural protect wet oily cent to be lost overly. And although cold water conduce is contractive pore, but use cold water directly unwarrantable pore is stretched adequately, the oily dirty that cannot get on the face is abluent.

Step2. Abound bubble

When using the grandma that wash a face, must preexistence control hits a bubble to be wiped again to the face. If bubble inadequately, not only effect of short of cleanness, return meeting remain to cause whelk inside pore.

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