The summer prevents a cold, 5 kinds of vegetable are the most effective

2018-06-20 15:55:28

Summertime weather is torrid, corrupt cool excessive cause a cold very easily. A lot of people catch a cold to buy medicine to eat, actually such meetings reduce resistance, actually a lot of food beside us can have the effect that catchs a cold to prevention and cure, safe effective. The following 5 kinds very effective to preventing a cold, look together!

1, carrot

The vegetable of yellow and orange, be like carrot, contain β – carotene. This kind of chemical material can be changed into vitamin A in the body, it can increase T cell amount, enhance immunity. Carrot also is very good cole.

2, onion

Onion has the effect of chill of disperse the internal heat with sudorifics, taste is bitter, have combat cold effect, can resist flu, and have more powerful antiseptic effect. The nutrition of onion is rich, can exciting stomach, bowel reachs digestive gland to secrete, stomachic, promote digest.

3, tomato

Tomato not only flavour is delicious, it is certain to still be had ” medical effect ” . Vitamin C is contained in tomato, can catch a cold in order to prevent and cure, and the tomato red element that a large number of containing, it is a kind of natural pigment that makes tomato erubescent, have the effect that combats oxidation injury and bate blood-vessel.

Onion mixes agaric

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