Spring protects liver bright eye boils a kind of pear grown in Hebei Province with white vinegar

2017-03-28 14:14:01

Cut flay of a kind of pear grown in Hebei Province piece, eat directly after a white vinegar, 1 day eats 10, the folk prescription protecting liver of wet Shan person is so simple. No matter adult still is child, want intestines and stomach to be no problem only, can use this folk prescription. Explanation of doctor of Chairman Mao Wei says atelier of cure of name of hospital of Guangdong province traditional Chinese medical science, because,this is ” shade of acerbity Gan Hua ” , acidity raises liver into liver.

Acerbity pleasant is OK and alimentary liver shade. In dry spring, such method eating pear, what can improve an eye is acerb and dry, achieve bright purpose effect.

Mao Wei says, spring makes favor undertaking expensive, at the same time easy also irascibility crosses flourishing, be agitated is irritable. And, enter spring, easier eye sends acerbity, hair dry, strut, look matter not clear, because liver flourishing causes the spread on internal heat,be as much, and liver classics and eye classics are interlinked, affect an eye directly.

In clear liver bright eye respect, the practice of the Cantonese that takes health care seriously all the time is worth everybody to draw lessons from, go up than afore-mentioned eating a few pear are simpler, it is at one’s leisure will go up tea of one crock Hangzhou chrysanthemum.

The practice of other dietotherapy medicinal food still has a lot of, for instance bone of pork chop of boiled in clear soup or when chicken, put new gallinaceous bone grass, medlar straw, everyday early tea or late tea, eat on 9 bowls small.

A lily will fry lean lean when lunch, can clear fire moisten the respiratory tract, have certain nourishing effect.

right amount gram, the clear water in be being put in arenaceous boiler is thoroughlied cook, everyday before 3 eat 20 minutes take food, take a week repeatedly, also can raise liver to protect liver.

Congee of medlar dish pork liver, abalone congee, also be spring every family is necessary.

The doctor of traditional Chinese medicine still has a kind of view is liver and lienal each other are ” mother child relation ” , so the principle of the dietary preserve one’s health of spring, still answer in order to raise liver be good at lienal give priority to. If spring appears easily spring if wrap,heavy, head weighs tired, leg wait for a symptom, want to notice especially.

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