Be far from error of 3 filling kidney filling kidney of method of treating yin deficiency by reinforcing body fluid and nourishing the blood of 5 kinds of healthy food

2016-09-22 13:20:54

Kidney empty divides the deficiency of yin with irritability that it is kidney and kidney deficiency of yang, want to use different recuperation method according to different symptom, ten million should notice escape is the following error of 3 filling kidney oh, can fill more only otherwise jump over empty.

Error 1: Tinnitus is kidney empty

A lot of people think, always kidney empty causes tinnitus, this is not accurate.

Yu Er of kidney have one’s ideas straightened out, kidney essence is not worth an audition to drop, occurrence tinnitus, the likelihood is behaved wait to there is cicada song, buzz, fizz inside ear. Accordingly, when symptom of the demote below occurrence tinnitus, irritated heart, audition, can consider to be kidney deficiency of yin with irritability.

But kidney empty does not cause tinnitus, the cause that causes tinnitus has a lot of. Wind heat is invaded model tinnitus, tone is graver, have inside ear bilge the full, feeling that jam, constant companion n&v snuffle, shed the lobar classics such as tears, cough to express disease, cure should do it from lung. The faze on irascibility, criterion tinnitus reputation is bigger, as close as mood change relation, much companion has an opening suffering, be perturbed, irritable wait for the symptom that goes against on irascibility, should clear liver have diarrhoea is hot. The stop up on phlegmy chaotic tinnitus, bilge inside ear frowsty, jam sense is clear, can accompany the bosom covers tightly, many fatter, brim has glossal system tine mark, treat a law to answer with expectorant fall chaotic, give priority to with gastric have one’s ideas straightened out. Taste is frail model tinnitus, the patient shows spirit more tired and air look difference, faint, want on cure be good at lienal beneficial is angry.

Error 2: Kidney empty just is met lumbago

Kidney advocate bone, kidney gas decline can induce osteoporosis, bring about lumbar acerbity backache, but lumbar acerbity backache is not kidney empty certainly, returning a likelihood is the other disease such as strain of lumbar muscles. The lumbago that kidney empty causes is in in old people for the person of level of relatively other age, scale wants a few bigger, but look always, kidney empty brings about lumbago, what its occupy scale to still be less than 1/4 actually.

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