Dietotherapy law copes with spring frequently-occurring disease

2012-02-07 14:17:57

Motherland medicine thinks ” 100 grass return shoot, 100 disease break out ” , means says, spring is easy have a recurrence of an old illness. In the meantime, sense is more outside spring, to body weakling, should cause more take seriously, below fine number the frequently-occurring disease of spring, find right dietotherapy way, recuperate the body through food, protect health.

Dietotherapy law copes with spring frequently-occurring disease

The excessive on liver this world (expression is have a headache, giddy, insomnia)

Arrived spring, every has the person of the excessive on liver this world, appear particularly easily have a headache, the symptom such as swimmy, insomnia, this is motherland medicine point out already ” spring all disease are in the person that enrage first ” reason. Modern medicine discovers, vernal climate changes, make easily heighten of person blood pressure, appear have a headache, the symptom such as giddy, insomnia. The method that food prevents and cure is:

Banana skin tea: Banana skin 100 grams, acting tea of water simmer in water, again and again of drink.

Celery tea: Celery simmer in water of 500 grams water, add white sugar right amount, acting tea drink; Or with celery 250 grams, red jujube 10, drink of acting tea of water simmer in water.

The stomach reachs duodenum ulcer

The stomach reachs duodenum ulcer, break out easily also in spring, should avoid to absorb the acid that contain flesh, purine on food alkaline soup of soup of rich pork soup, chicken broth, fish, beef and spinach, legume, pluck and excitant dressing, because afore-mentioned food have effect of more powerful excretive of exciting gastric juice, easy form gas generation is abdominal distension, increase gastric bowel burden. Recommend medicinal food of stomach of the beneficial that raise shade for you below square:

Evaporate honey: Lie between honey water after evaporate is ripe, at anteprandial and hollow take, daily 100 milliliter, cent is taken 3 times.

Vegetable juice: Fresh cabbage, abluent, pound, with disinfection gauze wrings juice, when taking slightly lukewarm, daily 2, 15 days are a period of treatment.

Milk honey drink: Milk 250 milliliter, after be being boiled, transfer into honey 50 grams, the tuber of hyacinth bletilla 6 grams, smooth hind drinkable.

Senile and chronic tracheitis

Senile and chronic tracheitis, break out easily also in spring. The method that food prevents and cure is:

Eat more have make expectoration easy, be good at the lienal, filling kidney, food that raises lung, wait like loquat, orange, pear, lotus seed, lily, big jujube, walnut, honey, conduce to relieve a symptom. Dietary appropriate is delicate, diet meat or fish, fat food, common saying place says ” the fish makes a fire, the meat is raw phlegmy, chinese cabbage bean curd is protected restful ” be to have certain and scientific reason. Excitant food is like chili, peppery, green, garlic and too too sweet, salty food to also want to eat less, lest stimulate respiratory tract, aggravating illness.

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