Computer a group of things with common features wants the food that often eats

2012-02-07 14:09:10

The vogue of health management is healthy
The vogue of health management is healthyBlog
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Computer environment anion is lopsided, easy cause a variety of occupational disease such as human body melancholia

Although computer is brought to the job of people, study and life convenient, but, the indoor environment of use computer anion overbalance, have certain side effect to the health of human body, can cause autonomic nerve maladjusted, melancholia. Computer handlers regular meeting feels acerbity backache of eyestrain, shoulder. Contract afore-mentioned occupational disease to prevent computer handlers, should notice reasonable and prandial.

Computer a group of things with common features wants the food that often eats

Eat the food of high protein more

Protein is human body cell ” the soul ” . Answer to eat thin pork, beef, hotpot, chicken, duck, pluck, fish and bean products more, computer operates personnel to want to eat legume food more especially.

Eat more contain the food with fast vitamin

It is had adjust the action such as nerve. According to statistic, we absorb the vitamin inside body everyday in, the vitamin of 70% comes from vegetable. Contain the vegetable with taller vitamin to stay of proceedings of leek, spinach, garlic sprouts, acupuncture needle, tomato, cucumber and fruit wait.

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