Summer filling essence enrages optimal food

2012-02-07 14:06:43

How can you just make oneself kidney more healthy? That asks you to eat black food, the food of different color or it is medicaments also be not identical to the action of the body, among them red enters a heart, cyan enters liver, yellow is entered lienal, white enters lung, black enters kidney, in saying to be born so in the food that we can choose black, will protect oneself kidney, the body that invites you is more healthy.

Wang Xiaoqin explains, black food contains rich microelement and vitamin commonly, say at ordinary times like us ” black 5 kinds ” , include black rice, black soya bean, black sesame seed, dateplum persimmon, walnut, it is the most typical delegate.

If study carefully ” black 5 kinds ” nutrition, with respect to meeting discovery, among them each is raise kidney ” ace ” . The curiosa in rice — black rice, also be called ” Hei Zhenzhu ” , contain the microelement such as rich protein, amino acid and iron, calcic, manganese, zinc, have appetizing profit medium, slippery difficult filling choice, be good at the effect; beans such as invigorate the circulation of blood of muscle of lienal warm liver, easy by the ancients praise the cereal that is kidney, sex of pleasant of flavour of black soya bean is smooth, not only appearance resembles kidney, the effect that still has skin of water of benefit of filling kidney powerful body, invigorate the circulation of blood, alexipharmic, embellish, suit; of kidney empty patient to have particularly ” nutrient storehouse ” the Wen Weigan of dateplum persimmon sex that say, the functional; walnut that gas of the beneficial in filling, filling kidney raises a stomach to enrich the blood has bowel of stone of disappear of essence of filling kidney solid, diuresis, embellish the action that aperient, lukewarm lung breathes heavily surely, commonly used wait for sex of hemp of disease; Hei Zhi to make the same score flavour pleasant at stone of road of kidney empty lumbago, make water, have filling liver kidney, the action of embellish the five internal organs, the constipation of dry of aching and limp of genu of swimmy to what because blood of liver kidney essence is insufficient,cause, white hair, lose one’s hair, waist, bowel dietotherapy with have better sanitarian action. These 5 kinds of food boil congee together, the more god-given beautiful that raise kidney is tasted.

Black sesame seed

Contain a lot ofbeneficial to human body not saturated fatty acid, its Ve content is the coronal of plant food, can keep clear of the freedom inside body base, defy oxidation result remarkable. Have defer indigestion of anile, cure and remedial white hair to have certain effect.

Black soya bean

Have the effect of poison of hydrolyze of invigorate the circulation of blood of warm intestines and stomach, bright eye, benefit. Also be moist skin, black needs Hei Fajia to taste. Contain a lot ofhigh grade albumen, Vb a group of things with common features and Ve, still contain riboflavin, melanin. Often fight to preventing decline, enhance vigor, hairdressing to raise Yan Youbang to aid.

Black rice

Have be good at lienal warm liver, enrich the blood the effect that beneficial enrages. Its vitamin 7 times the content of B1 and iron is common rice. Winter edible is big to microelement of compensatory human body helpful. Sugar is not put when boiling eight treasures congee with it.

Black buckwheat

But officinal, have disappear to feed, change indigestion sluggish, stop the effect of sweat. Outside dividing rich oiliness acid, linoleic acid, still contain chlorophyll, Lu Ding and nicotinic acid, have reduce the cholesterol inside body, effect that reduces function of blood-vessel of hematic fat and blood pressure, protection. After the peak value that it forms blood sugar inside human body is delayed quite, appropriate diabetic person, metabolization asks for patient edible integratedly.

Dateplum persimmon

Contain protein, saccharide, organic acid, vitamin and phosphor, calcic, iron to wait for nutrient composition. The doctor of traditional Chinese medicine thinks dateplum persimmon sex is lukewarm flavour pleasant, have filling kidney and the effect that raise a stomach.

Black agaric

The doctor of traditional Chinese medicine thinks its have clear lung profit stomach of beneficial of gas, invigorate the circulation of blood, moisten the respiratory tract is nourishing the effect of powerful body. Consider to make clear now, black agaric colloid has stronger absorption affinity, can clean intestines and stomach. Still contain part of nucleic acid, lecithin, have strong and handsome, hairdressing, delay anile effect. Black agaric is a kind of dissolubility prandial fiber, can enrich the blood, patient of stalk of tall blood fat, heart, head stalk feeds Ke Rongshuan more, reduce plaque amount.

In addition, still chicken of plum, black, Wu Mei, laver, Chinese chestnut, holothurian, Xianggu mushroom, kelp, black grape waits, also be the food with very rich nutrition. The person with bad kidney, can eat green to burn every week holothurian, will black agaric and Xianggu mushroom cooperate together to fry, or bit of Chinese chestnut is put when stew, it is the good method of filling kidney.

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