Old people is fat the dietary build up one’s health by rest and by taking nourishing food of disease

2012-02-07 13:59:28

Fat disease is to show unfavorable balance of trade of quantity of heat creates system inside adipose organization grow in quantity, make weight exceeds standard weight 20 % above person, what fat of body of 30 years old of above occupies specific gravity to increase inside body, the male can exceed the 25 % of weight, the female can exceed 30 % . Fat disease differs according to the reason can divide for pure sex fat send a gender with afterwards fat, former fasten prandial heat energy to cross much be caused by more, latter can reach the disease be caused by such as endocrine by head issueing grave. Spend gently fat person often do not have a symptom, medium, heavy degree fat person the disease such as difficulty of hyperfunction of hurried of the gas after can having an activity, flustered, appetite, action, sclerosis of appearance of tall lipemia of constant companion hair, arterial congee reachs the disease such as coronary heart disease, diabetic, gall-stone, it is the frequently-occurring disease with macrobian health of minatory old people and common disease.

The step of prevention and cure with fat the most important disease, it is to hold to physical training, increase heat energy to use up; 2 it is dietary control, on the foundation that makes sure airframe protein reachs all sorts of nutriment to need basically, make heat energy is absorbed with use up between generation owes a balance, make weight drops gradually, weight of final up to mark.

(one) dietary principle

1. Use low heat energy prandial, total heat energy can be in according to the circumstance control such as sexual distinction, labor 4200 ~ 8400 1000 anxious (2000 kilocalorie of 1000 ~ ) . With falling every week 0. 5 ~ 1 kilogram of weight are advisable, till make,weight falls to give when normal or it is normal to be close to keep heat energy. Heat energy control cannot be eager to hope for success, can cause physiology function to reach airframe mussily otherwise unwell. Answer to decide according to fat degree heat energy controls rate commonly, the 90 % of 80 ~ that the person that overweight normally can require heat energy by place furnish, spend in fat (overweight 40 % of 30 ~ ) can furnish by the 70 % that require heat energy, spend again fat (overweight 50 % above) the 50 % that can require heat energy by place furnish.

2. Protein: When control heat energy reduces weight, daily should at least every kilograms of weight furnishs 1 gram is protein, can press every kilograms of weight commonly 1. 2 ~ 1. 5 grams master, want the high grade protein with sufficient supply especially, be like lean lean, fish, shrimp, defatted grandma, bean products, birds kind etc. Reducing weight prandial in protein heat energy occupies 16 ~ than answering 25 % . Enough protein furnishs, can avoid to appear frail, resistance drops reach problem of the demote below the constitution to happen, also can add full abdomen touch, be helpful for reducing weight to hold to prandially.

3. Adipose: Reducing weight prandial in adipose heat energy is compared with under 30 % advisable, cook uses oil in order to contain the vegetable oil with not saturated more fatty acid had better, should decrease as far as possible contain the animal sex with saturated more fatty acid to be absorbed adiposely, wait like fat of fat, animal.

4. Carbohydrate: Carbohydrate is digested absorb faster, can exciting insulin is secreted, make candy translate into adipose store rise, and be able to bear or endure hungry sex is poor, easy induce appetite, reason should restrict carbohydrate to absorb, especially the cane sugar in odd saccharide, fructose inside body change is adipose possibility very big, can raise blood triglyceride level, should restrict strictly more. Low carbohydrate should be used when thinking to reduce weight commonly prandial, daily supply is measured with 100 ~ 200 grams are advisable, but should not be little at 50 grams, because body fat is excessive,can arouse otherwise, occurrence ketosis acid is toxic.

5. Assure prandial in supply adequately of inorganic salt and vitamin.

6. Tall fiber is prandial can reduce heat energy to absorb and produce full abdomen move, be helpful for reducing weight to hold to prandially.

7. Low salt is prandial. During reducing weight, daily salt intake can maintain in 1 ~ 2 grams, weight falls salt can give after it is normal to come daily 5 grams of 3 ~ , be helpful for reducing water retention, make weight drops, and fat to preventing and cure complication is advantageous.

8. Hold to sound dietary system, a few much food, avoid dinner too big, all advantageous to reducing weight.

9. Control drinks. Because alcohol is calorific the volume is higher, every gram alcohol can produce heat 294 1000 anxious (7 kilocalorie) heat energy.

(2) cookbook citing

Breakfast: Wheat bran biscuit 50 grams

Soya-bean milk 200 milliliter

Add meat: Apple 100 grams

Lunch: Rice meal 100 grams

Celery fries shredded meat (celery 100 grams, lean lean 30 grams)

Bean curd of boiled in clear soup (bean curd 100 grams)

Add meat: Apple or pear 100 grams

Dinner: Rice meal (rice 50 grams)

Leek scrambles egg (leek 100 grams, egg 50 grams)

Wax gourd shelled fresh shrimps (wax gourd 150 grams, shelled fresh shrimps 20 grams)

Add meat: Apple 100 grams

Full day cook uses oil 10 grams

Full day heat energy 6245 1000 anxious (1487 kilocalorie) the left and right sides.

(3) food chooses a point

1. Staple food and contain the food with fast starch, wait for set limit to like noodles made from bean or sweet potato starch, potato, yam.

The food such as candied, dessert, chocolate is restricted strictly.

2. The food of low heat energy such as food of taro of vegetable, fruit, foreign pink, pectic, demon, in principle can choose to take food freely.

3. Contain the food with saturated fatty acid and high cholesterol, reach like head of fat of fat, animal, animal splanchnic should impose restriction.

4. Little salt bloats had reached salty food.

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