Turnip blindly effect is distinct

2012-02-07 13:52:26

Our country folk has ” October turnip Lilliputian is joined ” , ” the winter feeds turnip summer to take a surname, not fatigue doctor prescribe ” say.

The turnip is herb of the mustard family, each district all has help advance somebody’s career. Turnip sex Pingwei is cold, have disappear of clear hot detoxify, be good at stomach to feed, expectorant relieve a cough, suitable gas profit, promote the secretion of saliva or body fluid stop thirsty, Bu Zhongan is dirty wait for effect. The content of C of the vitamin in the turnip is more than general fruit, the vitamin A that it contains, B and calcium, phosphor, iron richer also. Still contain in the turnip can help digestive saccharify more very much enzymatic; Stimulative stomach bowel wriggles, stomachic mustard oil; Can enhance vigor of huge bite cell, gobble up cancer cell, and but what cause cancer inferior the lignin that nitric acid decomposes. In addition, shang Han has dextrose, oxidation enzymatic gland element, dehydrate element of mucus of candy of the fifth of the ten Heavenly Stem, aerification, organization the composition such as amino acid, choline. So, it all has inhibition to coccus of streptococcic, grape, pneumococcus, coliform organisms. Folk often treats all sorts of diseases with its:

1. Treat quinsy: Take turnip juice 100 milliliter (make with Xian Luobo) , smooth, send with warm boiled water take, daily 2 ~ 3.

2. Treat asthma: Turnip juice 300 milliliter, smooth with take medicine with water of warm boiled water, take 100 milliliter every time, daily 3. If be the same as drink with juice of sugar cane, pear, lotus root, criterion the effect is much better.

3. Treat gastralgia: Everyday each drink gives birth to early, medium, dinner hind 1 cup Bai Luobo juice, 100 milliliter are controlled.

4. Treat scald: Take unripe turnip 100 grams, pound juice, daily use juice besmear affected part 3 times.

5. Treat chilblain: Bailuo predicts section, carbonado hot, inunction affected part. But if chilblain is broken,;burst;ulcerate;fester to should not be use.

6. Treat hypertensive dizziness: Take turnip juice 150 milliliter, add brown sugar 50 grams are smooth, daily 2, take 100 milliliter every time. Diabetic avoid is taken.

7. Treat splitting headache: Bright turnip pound takes juice, add a few borneol smooth drop is nose, left have a headache a right nostril, a left nostril has a headache on the right side of.

8. Treat cough much more phlegmy: The turnip after frost is right amount, dolly squeezes juice, add a few rock candy, after stewing lukewarm take, daily take 2 times, every time 60 milliliter.

9. Treat pharynx and larynx painful: Turnip 300 grams, chinese olive 10, in all decoct soup is become tea drink, daily number second.

10. Treat a craving for tobacco: Turnip pound takes juice, add right amount white sugar smooth, yu Qingchen takes 50 milliliter, can restrain show effect of a craving for tobacco, achieve the goal of smoke of Buddhist monastic discipline.

11. Treat dysenteric: Daily eat unripe turnip early, mediumly, late each 60 grams, several days of disease can heal.

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