Pregnancy food wants such eating to thoroughly cook 6 kinds of food

2017-04-12 16:03:40

During be pregnant, food should all the more attention, eat and drink cannot informal. What thing can eat, what thing cannot take or eat less, not be everybody understands probably, we let specific look below.


The raw fish that perhaps did not thoroughly cook and scallop cannot eat; The fish with mercuric high content cannot eat, include fish of shark, dorado, square head to wait; Cold storage, fumigated or the fish of souse, unless heat,come squashy, cannot eat otherwise; Cannot take more than 6 ounce (1) ” pure white ” or long fim tuna is potted;

Boil the fish to 145 degree Fahrenheit or to the center squashy; Take 12 ounce every week (2) small mercuric fish, be like salmon, cod, shrimp or trout.

The flesh kind reach fowl

Unripe or the flesh that did not thoroughly cook kind or fowl does not eat; Of refrigerant flesh any a kind (the ham, turkey, beef that bake, hot dog, sausage, ham) unless heat to 165 degree Fahrenheit; The banger that did not thoroughly cook, be like Italian sausage and Italian piquancy banger, unless heat,eat to reeky ability.

Use food thermometer. Ensure the beef that boil, vituline, hotpot reachs 145 degree Fahrenheit; The pork that boil and flesh kind reach 160 degree Fahrenheit; The fowl that boil reachs 165 degree Fahrenheit.


Unripe or the egg that did not thoroughly cook cannot eat; The dough that contains unripe egg or cake cannot eat; If self-restrained desert contains unripe egg sauce (sauce of department of aspic of grandma of the wine that be like an egg, ice-cream, egg, chocolate wood, Holand) cannot eat.

When the egg that boil, yoke is boiled squashy; When making the food that contains an egg, temperature should reach 160 degree Fahrenheit.

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