How does animal milk powder choose?

2017-04-05 10:58:48

Many parents seek advice from comparatively well-off gentleman recently the problem about ovine milk powder, well-known mother milk is the world for certain the first good, but because of all sorts of reasons cannot below the circumstance of mother milk feed, parents also can choose milk powder only.

Now the milk powder pattern on the market is numerous nowadays, what sheep milk powder, ass milk powder, buffalo milk powder, camel milk powder… only you want to be less than, did not do those who go out! This lets have originally ” choose difficult disease ” parents, more by value of so called nutrition tall, more adjacent person breast, prevent allergy to wait sell a site, do ” ill ” send more serious, more do not know how to should choose.

1 sheep milk powder is safer than milk powder

Problem of milk powder occurrence safety, it is factitious element for the most part, go after interest place to bring about blindly. It is ovine milk powder or bovine milk powder without giving thought to so, it is other animal milk powder even, if the businessman seeks profit and abandon product safety problem, so any food are existing risk. So, sweet clew, conditional treasure Mom, or as far as possible mother milk feed oh ~ is honest cannot the treasure Mom of lactation also is fastened sad, outside accusing except superintendency ministry doorknob, the parent can be spent from brand credit, darling gets used to degree and sexual price to buy recipe milk than going.

2 sheep milk powder prevents allergy

This is a wrong acknowledge, be opposite actually the darling of milk allergy, to the sheep the grandma is met as much allergic. Because the protein in ovine grandma and milk is particularly similar,this is, to milk powder when darling so medium protein produces the circumstance of a different to fall, no matter be ovine milk powder or bovine milk powder, can cause the allergic appearance such as eruption of darling occurrence indigestion, diarrhoea, skin.

If darling is right protein is allergic, should not eat common powdered milk so, proposal draft solves milk powder. Detect allergic result shows: Milk protein is allergic 4 plus, the proposal drinks amino yoghurt pink; 2 above plus, the proposal eats complete hydrolyze powdered milk; Two plus are the following, can drink powdered milk of partial protein hydrolysate.

Why be done so? Because be opposite inside the darling body of protein allergy cannot will protein translate into amino acid, affected thereby grow, and milk powder of protein hydrolysate recipe is in treatment production process, already protein part hydrolyze complete perhaps hydrolyze, it is the protein hydrolyze of macromolecule namely the amino acid of young member, allergic to protein darling can absorb the amino acid of these young members directly, ease hypersensitive condition thereby, assure to grow development.

3 come with the price of judge milk powder good with bad

Though a minute of price a minute of goods, but the standard of good as the choose and buy this milk powder, can be meeting hole darling oh ~ as to why ovine milk powder can compare milk powder expensive, give everybody hemp of cake cake hemp people analyse. Because ovine grandma raises devoted big yield,this is source of little, grandma is little, antiseptic the technology asks the high specified number of tall, small numerous milk powder publicizes cost, and the reason such as supply demand relations, caused its price on the high side, this price and the nutrient value with ovine intrinsic milk powder are done not have how old relation. So, do not feel expensive, certain good!

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