Protective taste bud grabs from baby

2017-04-01 16:30:01

The infant is the period with the rapiddest growth in person lifetime, also be the period with most delicate body, taste bud development also is such.

The baby that is born the 2nd day has gustatory capacity, less than of a month can discern the different flavour such as sweet, sweet, lemon juice and quinine. When putting sweet liquid in infantile mouth, they show very relaxed and happy expression, satisfactory absorb rises, but make to salty, acid or acrid liquid knit the nose, pout and irregular breath reaction that rejects a gender. 4-5 lunar baby is little to alimental the change is very sensitive already. When 6 months arrive 1 year old, baby develops in taste of this one phase the most acute.

Young mother knows, darling 3 months less than is basic it is feed of pure mother milk feed of pure perhaps grandma, the ability after 4 months begins to add fruit juice, vegetable juice to wait complementary feed, and it is little is added. The taste bud that basically is consideration darling and development of function of intestines and stomach still not complete. If have the thing that has heavy taste in great quantities, can have stimulation to the taste bud of darling, affect him to be judged to olfactory; If have the thing of some kind of taste for a long time, can affect him to favore or be fed up with to some kind of olfactory even, easy bring about taste bud unresponsive, fall not to drink Bai Shui to reach to was not buried raise the hidden danger that feed.

Accordingly, protective taste bud wants to grab from baby, give darling edible insipidity the thing of flavour of weak perhaps grandma as far as possible, as far as possible the stimulation that reduces darling taste bud.

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