What does child breakfast eat to have nutrition most?

2017-02-28 11:09:14

What does child breakfast eat to have nutrition most, of course, dot hopes he eats fully full, nutrient ability grows loftily.

Walnut medlar soya-bean milk

Eat of week early in the morning: Soya-bean milk 1 cup, milk yam of 1 cup of; cake of 2; wife 2; this breakfast suits Ci of 5; polished glutinous rice 2 the individual’s deal;

Zhouer breakfast: Biscuit says department 2, cut tea with milk of 4 small; next 1 cup, this breakfast of a; suits assorted cold dishes of malic yangtao orange the deal; of a person

Zhou San breakfast: Assorted cold dishes of yangtao orange banana, tomato egg spends; of Shang Yi portion to pat cucumber mug-up of a; this breakfast suits a; 2 deal; of the individual

Zhousi breakfast: Yangtao banana assorted cold dishes, egg evaporate hamburger tea with milk of a; a cup, this breakfast of a cup of; suits milk the deal; of 2 people

Zhou Wu breakfast: Quail egg assorted cold dishes of meat of tangerine of 6; tomato dumpling of decoct of a; this breakfast of a; suits congee of black rice of a; 2 the individual’s deal;

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