One respectingChange wife gameBe taken immediately no-no cap, really, this kind violates marital ethicsChange wife gameIt is the show that excessive makes, besides evil common dirty carnal illicit sexual relations does not have any value. ButChange wife gameIn certain group it is lawful, they regard commutative wife as recreation, of course, this kind of recreation that exchanges spouse form is nonexistent any interest come-and-go, and not be everybody can be changed. So, be put in this kind of husband and wife to exchange game a group of things with common features group where be? The answer is: Eskimo.

   An Siji rub of the person live area
   Chasing in arctic is an Eskimo ” prerogative ” . Or the traditional way of life of the Eskimo. Their a few acting people are hunting. In Greenland island north, they catch seal when wintry summer is alternant, basically mixed in June will catch hunt in August avian with fish, will catch hunt reindeer in September. In the boreal end of Alaska, seal basically is killed by hunt in a year, and reindeer is mixed in winter the summer (came in April in May) alternant when be killed by hunt.
   The groovy recreation of the Eskimo
   Eskimo besides dance, sing, taletelling and outside congratulatory festival, still have various game, can write a book. Game of wh some of which plays by children, the person that fits all ages a few more additionally plays. Some game and the game with world popular each district are same, if play hide-and-seek, tag of skip, children.
   They also have the campaign such as baseball and football. In Alaska southwest the ministry also has similar hockey and hockey competition. However, the Eskimo plays game to have a lot of contraindication. Some people or certain game cannot play in a certain time. Otherwise, they will be regarded as affront god, cause public anger.
   The recreational activities of the Eskimo and contemporary sports game are same, also can divide for indoor activity and cake activity. Pull Lai, upper limbs wrestle, lower limbs wrestle and the motion that play side, OK deploy is in very little space. The takeoff competition that the Eskimo has indoors is absorbing with difficulty. Athlete must bipod jumps, play tall aerial thing, next bipod touchdown. There is not the record of this respect before. 1970, male record is 3 meters to leave the ground close, and the female’s record is summary prep above 2 meters.

   The Eskimo is changed wife game
   The Eskimo still has a kind of unique recreational communication kind — change wife game. This kind of recreational activities basically is in Oriental be current, but in the west less. The Eskimo does not exchange a wife with stranger, but the good friend can exchange a wife sometimes, it is especially in long dark winter or long blizzard. The Eskimo of Greenland island the eastpart part call this game ” blow the lamp ” .
   Arctic and abominable surroundings helps Eskimo nurturance amiable disposition. Below this kind of environment, it is a kind of active philosophy undoubtedly. Especially from November the bottom arrives second year in January, the Arctic circle always lies in the darkness of polar night, this is a long night really. However, the Eskimo turned this terrible hour into a red-letter day, endeavor to offset the weakness of nature.

   Of the Eskimo tough
   In material poor condition falls, they always can find the way that solves a problem, calm and face reality publicly. In lumber rare the area that be short of, if people wants to do sledge, they can use ivory to engrave the clay that gives certain amount together together, bind the sledge of they and thief together next. If have seal, people can furl sealskin, immerse and refrigerant they, bind like wood rise, regard them as sledge is used. Serve as fuel without lumber, they use sealed oil. Without sealed oil, they use fish oil. Without fuel, they eat unripe feed. Do not have what difficulty it seems that together with them.
   The outside knows the run-down rule that lives hard for the mankind, and 1000 wood person says however for ” fair land, it is a beautiful and mysterious land really ” . Come thousands of years, the world of cloth knows this scarcely on the west. Till nearly a few centuries before, the vast that Hao pioneer just begins to enter this ice and snow and the world of hardships, disturbed this peace and smooth world.

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