Pollution of smoking, excessive drinking, air is the culprit that affects spermatozoon quality, these popular science knowledge believe many friends understand just a little. But the development as the society, the factor that still has health of spermatozoon of male of a few influences often is ignored, male division expert reminds, often do the following 3 movements, same to the harm of spermatozoon very big.

  Drive for long harm spermatozoon quality

As illicit home car gain ground, the person that rides instead of walk with the car is increasing, some what can make an appointment with on 35 bosom friends, will be driven oneself swim. But foreign research shows, the reproductive ability of driver of hand of car of taxi driver, profession, truck drops the most apparent. Drive for long, scrotum includes spermary to be oppressed, the blood that goes against scrotum circulates and come loose hot, inside cab the posture changes range is not big, scrotum pole easy be affected by the heat is excessive, affect the raw energy function of spermary thereby, and sedentary and easy causeProstatitis, these elements are influential to the quality of spermatozoon. Proposal: Drive more than 2 hours to be able to cause the fall of spermatozoon quality continuously, if conditional, best can drive 1.5 hours left and right sides rests, get off ambulate mobile body makes an appointment with 10 minutes.

  Notebook computer puts knee to hurt spermatozoon quality

One considers to discover, spermatozoon injury rate and become direct ratio with notebook computer time, one day accepts spermatozoon of bandicoot of 4 hours of radiant two hours than a day injury of radiant bandicoot spermatozoon wants serious. Although spermatozoon is outside not bad, but internal composition has appeared injury. Use the male sex of computer of 5 hours of above everyday, although ability of spermatozoon be fertilized is normal, but with use computer male photograph of 5 hours compares 2 ~ , function of spermatozoon be fertilized has been reduced. Proposal: Some males like to put notebook computer on knee, because leave private parts closer, so no matter be the radiate of computer itself, still be the quantity of heat of generation, can cause to spermatozoon health adverse. When use notebook computer, had better not put on knee, at the same time the job had better rise 2 hours move.

   Trouser pocket puts quality of mobile phone spermatozoon to differ

The phone grows the bag that put pants to be able to affect spermatozoon directly, this studies those who pass a lot of orgnaizations to confirm. In a research that is aimed at a high school student, even more most probably machine of student union handle is put in pants bag, and everyday open exceeds 6 hours, two into the student more even more 10 hours. Studying what make a person pay close attention to most as a result is a student grow more with phone time, spermatozoon quality suffers an influence to heal big. Proposal: The mobile phone of each man often is not put in trouser pocket, should put in the suitcase that carries or inside satchel, when going to work at ordinary times, might as well draw out put on desk. Although want to put trouser pocket, also do not want too long, can drink jacket pocket to be being changed put, reduce the harm of pair of spermatozoon quality.

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