We had listened to a kind of flavor enhancement that the gender is the life, will tell to adult, the advantage of this respect is not character drips axiomatically. But often because lifecycle is medium these those, no matter be age growth, affection precipitates, still be busy job, more and more people begin to ignore the presence of sex, feeling is a dispensable thing, even muddle through one’s work.

Actually, sex need not pass much, what common saying says is good, the ability that suits oneself is best. But magical is, different sexual frequency can affect one the individual’s health, of course, also have different profit.

The expert sums up the distinct advantage that gives frequency of 7 kinds of sexes,

See you most accord with below which kind of cough up:

Once a week: Ease pressure

Once a week sex, research makes clear is benefit expedites child delivery at releasing full amount of element, england university research discovers Peisili, expedite child delivery element has reduce blood pressure, slow down pressure andNervousThe action of the mood.

But amazed is, just can release in sex process only expedite child delivery element, and masturbation behavior is to cannot be obtained expedite child delivery element drips, be the god’s magical one side probably. So, still do not send a hope to ease pressure at using a paper, change good intention condition. (single public figure still heartens go after goddess! )

Every week two: Protect a heart, reduce heart disease incidence of a disease

Study the result makes clear, every week twice sex can reduce 45% severe heart disease come on odds.

Expert clew, the time of two sex, best and OK cent is diffuse, such effects are better.

Every week 3: Enhance immune force and strength

Consider to discover, have 2-3 second sex every week, can promote human body to produce immune globulin A better, enhance immune power, reduce a cold, the disease such as flu is dangerous.

One should add in becoming the detailed list that prevents a cold hard: Be far from a cold, every week 3 hey?

Every week 4: Reduce ED occurence rate

Consider to discover again, and every week only the male photograph of sex is compared, every week hey hey hey 4 word, appear slight ED (Erect functional obstacle) the risk can be reduced 50% the left and right sides.

And the expert expresses, the optimal period of time that loves love is a morning, also hint the morning does not have the male of morning suddenly, suffer from easily on erect functional obstacle, also be not nevertheless inevitable. Need not care about overly, still should see individual drop feel oh.

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