Epididymis is phlogistic it is common urological department disease, its come on even if pathogenic bacteria entered epididymis down the patient’s seminiferous duct, arose then serious. Epididymis inflammation shape is the ache that can let patient generation have radiation sex commonly, the patient’s epididymis is met strut, hair is good. Epididymis is phlogistic have to treat, epididymis is phlogistic very of the quality that affects spermatozoon, still increased to appear the possibility of abnormal spermatozoon. But also need not worry very much, want a patient to notice the sanitation of good genital and uric road only, and the immune power that enhances oneself, suffer from not easily on epididymis is phlogistic!

Is epididymis phlogistic what symptom is there?

1, acute epididymis is phlogistic:

Come on much urgenter. Rise first, scrotal limitation is aching, edge seminiferous duct is radiative to groin or waist, the ache of afterwards is aggravating, epididymis is rapid and intumescent, be in sometimes 3 ~ the twice inside 4 hours is intumescent. Can have the whole body right now unwell, temperature is elevatory, can amount to 40 ℃ . Can incorporate the symptom such as cystic urethritis, prostatitis. Epididymis is phlogistic happen at a side more, bilateral and scarce. Scrotum having side is intumescent, The skin is red. Epididymis intumescent, hair is good, tenderness is apparent, inchoate as clear as spermary bounds, later period dividing line is not clear, energy demand oedema, add thick. If form abscess, have fluctuant feeling. Abscess also can be defeated by oneself;burst;ulcerate;fester form a fistula. Inguinal area or next abdomens can haveTenderness.

2, Chronic epididymis is phlogistic:

Do not have apparent symptom more, clinical expression is quite abhorrent. Can have local and unwell, objectBilge feeling, scrotum is aching, ache can radiate to reach inside of the ham that be the same as side to next abdomen. Can have acute fit symptom sometimes. Check-up touchs epididymis having side is intumescent, harden, or can touch there is one harder nugget on epididymis, do not have tenderness or spend tenderness gently, epididymis and spermary dividing line are clear. Energy demand and seminiferous duct are added thick, prostate hardens. ChronicEpididymis is phlogisticReally examine relies on pathology to check.

Inchoate epididymis inflammation shape

In acute period when, epididymis can appear commonly strut, and quality of a material is harder, if do not have seasonable discovery, cause genital infection very easily also, in the meantime, the rear that affects epididymis easily diffuses to the head. The patient can see small abscess when pathology section is checked, and scabbard film often can have an oar to secrete and give sexual secretion.

And the liquid with phlogistic epididymis includes juice of a few pus possibly still, energy demand of the male also can coarsen, spermary also is met durative strut, but won’t cause very serious inflammation commonly. In addition, constituent oedema can see below smooth lens, the cell of oar of neuter bead cell of a lot of patients, and can have very serious lymphocyte soak state, it is epithelial conference appears even necrotic inflammation, the chamberlain that brings about a patient thereby appears jam, and appear bilateral epididymis is phlogistic, bring about barren illness finally to happen.

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