Is male spermary wet what reason be? The spermary that the expert points out the male is wet often happen in daily life, be in especially summer, male friend dress crosses tight briefs situation to fall, the occurrence with casual male need not use concern, but appearing for a long time is disease likely, patient must bring to sb’s attention just goes.

  Male spermary is wet the introduction that is what reason:

If treating prostatitis, need not but heart, because spermary is wet,disorder place causes the plant nerve function that prostatitis causes. As prostatitis improve and cure, wet meeting interrupts spermary till disappear,appear. But if undeserved or prostatitis treatment is not proper, spermary is wet won’t disappear.

Prostatitis patient may have the case with wet spermary, but spermary is wet may not is clammy certainly, the likelihood is need cleanness merely. Bed statistic, in barren patient, one much has the case with wet spermary.

Spermary is wet may not is morbid state, nevertheless also really a few disease can cause spermary wet. The commonnest is chronic prostatitis, still be the spermary that causes as a result of the varicocele likely wet cause scrotal eczema. Generally speaking, as the disease improve, spermary is wet also can disappear by oneself. General nevertheless if do not have other and unwell, it is OK to should keep clean alertly only.

Chronic prostatitis is to cause the first cause with wet spermary. ChronicThe symptom of prostatitisDiversiform, weight Yi Qian differs difference 10 thousand not, some but devoid symptom, some all over unwell. And spermary is wet it is one of these symptoms.

Recommend: Chronic prostatitisDietotherapy method

 What is chronicProstatitisDietary cure method of the patient?

Method one: Soup of white orchid pork pig lean lean 150 ~ 200 grams are abluent, cut small, spend 30 grams with Xian Bailan (dry taste 10 grams) the soup that add water, add salt a few to flavor. Water boiling water eats the meat, daily 1. Filling kidneyMethod of treating yin deficiency by reinforcing body fluid and nourishing the blood, travel aerification chaotic

Method 2: Soup of white orchid pork pig lean lean 150 ~ 200 grams are abluent, cut small, spend 30 grams with Xian Bailan (dry taste 10 grams) the soup that add water, add salt a few to flavor. Water boiling water eats the meat, daily 1. Filling kidney method of treating yin deficiency by reinforcing body fluid and nourishing the blood, travel aerification chaotic. Apply to man prostatitis and womanLeucorrhoeaWait for disease too much.

Method 3: Alone flavour royal jelly makes up royal jelly 1 ∶ with boiled water the solution of 100. Daily profess to convinced 2, every time 30 milliliter of 20 ~ , take for a long time. Nourishing and strong, beneficial liver be good at lienal. Apply toChronic prostatitisAnd empty of ill rear body, hidebound.

Method 4: Pink of tuckahoe of tuckahoe pink congee, rice each 30 grams, red jujube (go nucleus) 7. Be good at lienal benefit is wet. Red jujube is put after boiling meter of a few boil first, to tuckahoe powder is put when will becoming congee, become congee with chopstick agitate divide evenly, add candy touch, but constant edible.

Method 5: Cuttlefish of peach kernel cuttlefish 1, peach kernel 6 grams. Yu of dispel of invigorate the circulation of blood. Go to cuttlefish first bone skin is abluent, boil together with peach kernel, soup goes after the fish is ripe, eat fish, make breakfast edible.

Method 6: Shang Dang of old person retention of urine joins 24 grams, the root of remembranous milk vetch 30 grams, tuckahoe, Bi, the seed of cowherb each 12 grams, lotus seed 20 grams, before the car 15 grams, cinnamonic 6 grams, ginkgo, licorice each 9 grams, the fruit of medicinal cornal 5 grams. above each medicine is abluent, water simmer in water, go broken bits takes juice. Beneficial is enraged be good at lienal, lukewarmFilling kidneyIn relief. Apply toHypertrophy of the prostate. Disease seesDysuria, or retention of urine, look is weary idle talk, Be discouragedNot add, jalf congealed or innocence of empty, pee, this by all medical conpatibility of medicines. In all play uses in beneficial is angry, rise clear to fall chaotic, yu of dispel of invigorate the circulation of blood, the effect of water of lukewarm kidney benefit.

Method 7: Congee of rice of fine grain of the gram before the car the car before child skin of 60 grams, tangerine 10 grams gauze includes 15 grams, the stem pith of the rice-paper plant, liquor goes broken bits, into gram 100 grams cook 50 grams and broomcorn rice congee. Hollow take, take several days repeatedly. Apply to an old personProstatitis, pee drenchs painful.

Method 8: The 2 violet tea that connect make water are Chinese violet, violet ginseng, plantain each 15 grams, sea gold is arenaceous 30 grams. Medicine grinds on for thick end, in buy vacuum flask, with boiling water 500 milliliter bubble covers tightly 15 minutes. Acting tea is drinkable, daily 1 agent, take 5 ~ 7 days repeatedly. Antiphlogistic diuresis. Apply to prostatitis, dysuria to reachFrequent micturitionUric painful disease person. Taste empty is cold person avoid is used.

Method 9: Turnip dip is sweet the turnip 1500 grams are abluent, flay section, immerse 10 minutes with honey, put on tile to bake dry, again dip bakes again, do not bake anxious, bake 3 times repeatedly. Chew every time take several, brine sends take, daily 4 ~ 5, often eat. Apply toStagnation of the circulation of vital energyHematic Yu chronic prostatitis.

The dietotherapy method of chronic prostatitis 10: Yam congee gives birth to yam (flay is paste) , rice each 60 grams, ghee, Bai Mi is right amount. Be good at lienal beneficial kidney. After will unripe yam is paste, fry with ghee and honey, make coagulate, knead with spoon broken, boil rice additionally to become congee, put yam agitate divide evenly, yi Ke adds a few candy, make breakfast edible.

Looked to faceChronic prostatitisThe introduction of dietotherapy method, dietotherapy is only assist measure importantly among them, so male friend should make the best of time to check cure to professional hospital.

Weather is very hot! How does ” moisture do below man “ ?

Scrotal eczema is the skin disease with the commonnest scrotum, attribute allergic reaction, also be the man’s common sexual organs skin disease, not be disease of sexual transmission sex. Its common calls anal fistula of afterbirth of ” of wind of “ a ball made of strips of silk, “ ” etc. Very stubborn, the patient often is caught because of scratching, impropriety stimulation causes ache orAfterwards sends infection.

   The man’s “ does wet ” and ” of “ Shi Chao

Every man is not to be able to appear at the same time in the life ” of “ dry tide and ” of “ Shi Chao. According to the sea special investigation discovers, the man that can have “ to do wet ” must have two requirements: It is as close as sexual partner concern, want to loving the other side greatly.

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