Channel needs fireHow to stimulate every her place? The sexual method of method of passionate sexual loveChannel needs fire, how does the sexual life that improves you promote the subject of 5 feeling in the study in marriage. Such, connecting sense organ is exciting. Channel needs fire?


1 use candle or lamplight are dim. The person in candle power is nicer.

The 2 things that wear, meet the mate that stimulates you. Do not feel embarrassed, should not answer oneself too thing. Have various dress, do not wear same a thing, before using you 20 years when you, just married, unless the spouse asks you you,put on it. Remembering a key is breed, change menu.

The 3 eye; that stare the other side and he or she does same thing to you.


1 broadcast gentle romance music, or the sound of the nature of CD, breathe out the rumour that breathe out, rain issues bigger more. More important is to let love to be in nature.

2 with honey-tongued, say some of encouragement speech. Men, tell your wife, wow, you look beautiful or look very sexy in you. Woman, tell you the husband, you look special Yang Gang. Encouragement speech. You can be given out even reticent satisfaction and happy.


1 pair of your bodies, use perfume, balm and lotion. Shower, clean odour.

The beautiful sweet, sweet candle aing kind of sweet grass that 2 environments use, fume sweet smell, the environment that makes flavour makes a person cheerful.

The mouth

Before eat of 1 romantic candle power the lingering night.

2 include to be in make love, chocolate syrup, brightGrandmaOily, or any other but edible. Use your imagination.

The speech with 3 sweet mouth and praise, arouse oneself audition. The spouse that lets you and oneself breathe at the same time.


1 hug, touch, the hand you crosses the hair of the other side.

2 use bodiesBreastFluidMassageYour spouse.

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