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Sexual life is the man’s commonnest lifestyle. Generally speaking, the man’s actuating pressure is very great, smoking, drink, stay up late the function force that waits for undesirable habit to be able to bring about us drops, appear even chill symptom, this is not a good sign to our family. In the life, the man should learn to increase his sexual capacity, of course this needs a few methods that take exercise.

   Man Zhuang Yang is to continue thoughout the history constant sanitarian difficult problem, because progress as the times, zhuang Yang demand is bigger and bigger, the problem that respect of man property force appears is increasing also, it how contemporary Zhuang Yang makes gift is good how contemporary Zhuang Yang makes gift? Massage Zhuang YangBe worth praise highly very much, because massage acupuncture point,be a doctor of traditional Chinese medicine ancestral therapeutics, healthy, safe, effective. Green of massage Zhuang Yang is healthy, need not drug, whats need not eat continuously health care of effect of so called god is tasted. Massage Zhuang YangCan undertake to professional clinic, massage orgnaization, OK also oneself are massaged. What want the introduction today is egoMassage Zhuang YangMethod.

   Ego of man Zhuang Yang massages a method
   1. Before sleeping, what put a hand below the navel below pubic pubic bones is alvine go up, another hand is put in alvine on from left chafe slowly right, with self-conscious abdomen temperature is degree.
   2. Groin is massaged before sleeping, put both hands in groin two side () of ham root ministry, with palmar edge inclined hand in direction to be massaged 36 times gently, can massage a few times every week, to enhancing sexual desire, rise it is energy, certain to enhance sexual function to have action.
   3. Rub spermary rub heats up both hands, use right hand hold first two spermary, the big toe of this correct spermary, forefinger and surface of middle finger costal region, knead gently next, right-hand rotation 30 ~ 50 second, feel a bit acerbity strut and aching degree, knead gently with left hand next hold. Easy family operation uses attrition method, use a hand first namely taut scrotum, secure outside kidney, on spermary of park of center of control of reoccupy additional skill, after chafing gently, with spermary small hot measurement passes. This kind of method, also be called ” the kidney outside wrapping up bursa ” method, already was recommended by height of doctor of traditional Chinese medicine.

   4. When getting up in the morning, with finger tip or face of grain of two side arris gently the ear department position such as knead auricle body, or acupuncture point is pressed pressure massage, it is with local small swollen ache and heat degree. This method has harmonic yin and yang, dredge to enrage essence of beneficial of blood, filling kidney, the Zhuang Yang, action that promotes function force.
   5. Solid kidney is taken lie on one’s back, climb climbing hand to arrive from hip knee, before classics axillary thrum ministry, both hands across, the centre of the palm up, two feet footplate is straight, hand from drop point-blank, the hand is exhibited to extension forward, curved in front, hand shift heart emerges spring, crural footplate straight difficulty, the force of hand and foot, on the other hand, unlock will restore body lie low. 10 times such doing, or according to ability. This method has powerful body the essence of solid of be good at genu, filling kidney, Zhuang Yang, action that enhances sexual function.
   6. Attrition kidney is in with the palm same the waist of a house a side, from go up to knead 2 minutes downward, it is with deep heat degree, or both hands make a fist, from time to time bumps into the planar both hands after the waist, intensity moderate, proposal every edge 100 times. The waist is kidney room, apoplectic kidney room, say again ” rub-up door ” . Have the effect of main and collateral channels of essence of kidney strong waist, Zhuang Yang, dredge.

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