Sexual behavior is the way that the men and women loves, if sexual behavior undertakes,can be incorrect, the thing that but can happen,ought not to produce more very much. Men and womenSexual loveWrong passionate way happens from time to tome in, a lot of moment not only cannot let both sides experience sexual blessing, still meet a spouse bring serious harm, more serious is can right your life causes greatest menace! Come down to give everybody check those wrong passion way!

1, the disease pesters a body

Have the person of the disease, organic physiology adjusts the function already was in whack no longer, the person that contract hypertensive, coronary heart disease especially, sexual impulse can make height of central nervous system excited, blood pressure is elevatory, hemal convulsion, easy cause miocardial infarction or cerebral hemorrhage.

2, excessive overworked

Husband and wife two ground live apart, be away on official business for a long time, the night that travel returns or attend physical labor more for long, body and mind is very fatigue, cross husband and wife to live at this moment incidental sudden death.

  3, drunken husband and wife lives

Some people try to pass a few drinking the central nervous system with him excitement, enhance a desire, this cannot be taken. Alcohol can make to the stimulative effect of cardiovascular system hemal convulsion, blood stream is quickened, blood pressure is elevatory, cause disease of heart head blood-vessel, cause death. And the action of alcohol and the stimulative effect with actuation sex rise in coordination, happen more easily.

4, spirit is nervous

Life of the husband and wife below the situation that does not stabilize in mental insecurity, mood lives, produce the affinity outside marriage especially, because spirit is nervous, be afraid that other discovery or mood are unusually excited, cause disease of heart head blood-vessel easily, produce sudden death of life of husband and wife.

5, age great disparity

The age has differred between the men and women big, the age is old person cross husband and wife to live toward past time longer, excitement is more intense also, consequently easy happening sudden death. Japanese expert has made special investigation, average age is 46 the person that discover the male dies years old, and average age is the female 33 years old, both differ 13 years old.

Of sexual behavior itself is inerrable, men and women of food of Gu Youyun “ , of the person be about to put Yan greatly! ” , this shows since ancient times sexual behavior is very important, and modern husband and wife always goes after ultra sexual behavior, think this is to enjoy enthusiasm, do not know such harm is so big however actually, everybody must discreet.

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